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Marcio Takeda | Super Yosakoi

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In my opinion, this picture says a lot about the kind of photographer Marcio Takeda is, because it was taken outside the Tokyo Daijingu, which is one of the 5 most important Shinto shrines in Tokyo, but instead of being a tourist postcard of the temple, it shows what it felt like to be in Tokyo that day.

You can’t see the shrine, but you can see the heat. Doing a Google search for Tokyo Daijingu (or 東京大神宮) returns thousands of pictures where you can see the temple, the omamori -lucky charms- and the kind of ceremonies that are held there, but none of those pictures show the mist cooling system that tells you of the 89 F weather of August 12, 2019.

For those details of daily life we have Marcio Takeda.

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