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Marcio Takeda | Multicultural Tokyo

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All the pictures in the exhibition were taken, chosen and printed in 24 days between August 8 and August 31, 2019. The Tokyo show opened on September 2.

In those 24 days Marcio, who was visiting Japan for the first time, gradually discovered a very different country to the one he thought he would find. A less monolithic, much more diverse country, with many shades of brown skin whose roots were very different to the brown people of African origin he knew so well from his native Brazil.

Entire immigrant neighborhoods such as Shin Okubo, where every street has halal food stores, and where you hear people talking in Nepali, in Korean, in Malay, where women wear hijabs.

This picture was taken in Okubo-dori on August 22, 2019, ten days before the opening.

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